Gas Mask Water Bong - Black

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The Gas Mask Bong is more than a novelty and belongs on every stoner's shelf. The adjustable mask fits almost anyone comfortably and securely attaches to an acrylic bongGas Mask Bong Kit. Love your smoke so much you just want to inhale it through your whole face?? Sick of needing two hands to pull a bong?

This is the ultimate trophy of any smokers collection, the infamous Gas Mask Bong. Only a true smoker owns one of these and it is the ultimate smoking party accessory. It comes with adjustable straps for comfort and performance, a valve for air control and a lanyard to carry it around your neck and prevent you dropping it whilst removing. The bong is made of plastic, it is less breakable than the glass versions and is detachable, it can therefore be used separately without the mask for convenience.

Key Specs

    • Gas Mask Water Pipe
    • Quality rubber gas mask with plastic water pipe (random color)
    • Measures 7.5" tall

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