Twisty Glass Blunt Review

Twisty Glass Blunt Review

Over the past couple of months we've received loads of requests for information and reviews on some of our products, so this will be our first proper review!

The Twisty Glass Blunt is a blunt made out of glass and metal, but none of the components burn and the device is fully reusable. It’s a rugged design that delivers a much more environmentally friendly smoke. It’s also much more economical as you don’t have to keep buying papers or blunts, it’s good quality so lasts a long time so you really get your money's worth!

Cleaning is easy as it separates into several pieces making the whole device much more accessible. It also comes with a cleaning tool to help even more.

One of the best things about this product is that it’s easy to use, just fill it up by twisting and pouring and light up. As you smoke through your herb we recommend twisting the blunt at the metal mouthpiece whilst holding the glass to be section, you can then just push the ash out of the top.

It provides a much cleaner and smoother smoke as you’re not having to inhale either paper or tobacco (you can use tobacco in this without a problem, you just don’t have to). Another positive is you don’t get the burning heat that you can from a normal blunt or joint, always nice not to have that burning sensation on lips to contend with.

The only negative to this amazing device is that it takes a fair amount to fill it up (0.75g-1.5g), however it does come with a cap (amongst other things in a nice box) so you can stop smoking and keep it fresh and contained.

Overall we give this a 9/10!

If you wish to buy then one tap on the link, this is the lowest price you’ll find!