Hemp - The New Way Forward For Smoking

Hemp - The New Way Forward For Smoking

Hemp - The New Way Forward For Smoking

So, with all of the changes to laws all over the world in relation to tobacco, the smoking industry has had to change quite considerably over the past few years. With these changes to the law come changes in the practicing of smoking, all the way through from where you can smoke to what you can smoke. So with this in mind we thought we’d talk about blunts…

Blunts have been around for longer than most of us have been alive. They are particularly popular in America as the Americans don’t use tobacco with their cannabis smoking as much as the Europeans and Australians do. None the less blunts are still popular all over the world and are often used to smoke cannabis in the purest form (no tobacco).

The changes in several laws all over the world mean that the tobacco industry has had to adapt, and now the blunts have been adapted too. In the EU it will be illegal to sell flavoured tobacco soon, in some parts of America this is already in place. So how will we get all those lovely flavours of blunts to continue going?... The answer is switching from tobacco to hemp. This is a fairly simple switch over and one that has been going for a little while now. So what’s the difference between the two? The simple answer is not a lot, yet at the same time significantly different. Let me explain…

Significantly different - Tobacco blunts contain a lot of chemicals, some of which are very harmful (like nicotine). By switching over to hemp blunts a lot of the harmful chemicals are automatically removed. Additionally hemp is a much more natural plant and the process for making hemp blunts is a lot more natural as the process uses far less chemicals to complete.

Not a lot different – The smoking of the two blunts is almost identical, both in terms of practicality and taste. Hemp seems to be ever so slightly smoother, although the difference is so minute that most people don’t notice and the taste is slightly better too (in our opinion).

There is a slight difference in cost between the two as well. Tobacco is far more expensive to produce, as a result a lot of the hemp blunts come in packs of four, where as the tobacco blunts come in either packs of one or two. The cost for each pack is the same, so you get at least twice the value for money with the hemp ones.

The only negative we found with the hemp ones is that they are slightly more difficult to roll with, however if you can roll the you can roll, it just takes ever so slightly longer. Again this difference is so small it’s not worth worrying about.

There are also a lot more options with hemp now than there were before. The very famous company RAW have loads of hemp related products, all the way from rolling mats through to skins/papers. They have grown considerably over the years and are well and truly one of the best smoking brands available in the market today. We at 3Toke all prefer the hemp papers to normal ones as they taste and smoke better – plus they’re much better for you!

So where do we go from here? We at 3Toke feel that this change over is a good thing. It reduces the harm to both the smoker and the environment and costs less to do. The pros definitely out-weigh the cons and it seems like now is a better time than ever to drive this motion forwards, and guess what – it’s working. People all over the world are enjoying switching over to hemp products, whether it’s for clothes or smoking and we believe that the hemp industry is likely to see a huge boost in growth over the coming decade.

If you’re interested in seeing what hemp smoking blunts, papers and tubes are available (and how cheap they are) then click here to find out more.