1. Twisty Glass Blunt Review

    Over the past couple of months we've received loads of requests for information and reviews on some of our products, so this will be our first proper review!

    The Twisty Glass Blunt is a blunt made out of glass and metal, but none of the components burn and the device is fully reusable. It’s a rugged design that delivers a much more environmentally friendly smoke. It’s also much more economical as you don’t have to keep buying papers or blunts, it’s good quality so lasts a long time so you really get your money's worth!

    Cleaning is easy as it separates into several pieces making the whole device much more accessible. It also comes with a cleaning tool to help even more.

    One of the best things about this product is that it’s easy to use, just fill it up by twisting and pouring and light up. As you smoke through your herb we recommend twisting the blunt at the metal mouthpiece whilst holding the glass to be section, you can then just push the ash out of the top.

    It provides a much cleaner and smoother smoke as you’re not having to inhale either paper or tobacco (you can use tobacco in this without a problem, you just don’t have to). Another positive is you don’t get the burning heat that you can from a normal blunt or joint, always nice not to have that burning sensation on lips to contend with.

    The only negative to this amazing device is that it takes a fair amount to fill it up (0.75g-1.5g), however it does come with a cap (amongst other things in a nice box) so you can stop smoking and keep it fresh and contained.

    Overall we give this a 9/10!

    If you wish to buy then one tap on the link, this is the lowest price you’ll find!

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  2. Tips For An Amsterdam Smoking Trip

    Tips For An Amsterdam Smoking Trip

    So… we’ve told you the best ways to travel to ‘Dam’ and the best location to stay, we now need to explore the customs of this city and discover some things that will help you enjoy your smoking trip even more.

    We recommend getting your travel money before you travel, if you get your euros in the city centre you’ll get roughly 1 Euro for £1, which is pretty bad. We recommend paying in cash in this city as it is by far the most common method of payment if you’re going on a smoking holiday. Some coffeeshops don’t take credit or debit cards and some charge to pay by card, so if you take cash then you’re covered and it will work out cheaper!

    There are loads of coffeeshops within this marvellous city, but this number has declined over the years due to some changes in the regulations out there. For this reason you will find most coffeeshops get very busy from mid to late morning, in the evenings it’s very difficult to get a seat. Generally speaking the larger the group you’re in the more difficult it is to get a seat or a table. If you’re in a large group I would recommend spending some time on your first day trying out the different coffeeshops and working out which is your favourite, you can then get to that coffeeshop early on in the day and have your own seats and tables for your entire group. If you’re in a smaller group then you have a bit more flexibility, but don’t underestimate just how busy the coffeeshops get these days. Years ago you could only really smoke cannabis in coffeeshops, however since a large number of them closed down and the ones remaining get so busy there are more places where you can now smoke. We have found that the best way to move around out there is to have a coffeeshop crawl during the day (making sure to stock up on our smoking materials for the evening), then during the evening we sit down in a pub/bar which is smoking friendly. This way you still get the lively atmosphere but you also get to sit down and order drink & food. Our favourite place to do this is in is The Bulldog Hotel, this is about 100 metres down the road from The Original Bulldog Coffeeshop and right in the vibe of The Red Light District. This place is pretty much like going to a Weatherspoons but you can smoke weed and the atmosphere is much much much nicer!

    In Amsterdam it is the custom to tip someone for their services, whether this be coffeeshop staff serving you your herbs, a waitress bringing you your food order or a barman who made your drink. It’s actually quite frowned upon if you don’t tip and considered rude. Having said that if you haven’t received good service then there wouldn’t be an expectation for you to tip. Some places even give you extra or free stuff if you tip, one of the main coffeeshops gives you a free pack of their smoking papers when you tip. If you like a particular coffeeshop and want to spend some time in there I would strongly recommend that you tip them, they will remember you and make sure that you are looked after whilst you’re there. There are several coffeeshops that we return to on a frequent basis when we visit the city, each of them know us when we come in – even if it’s been 12 months since our last visit. One of these coffeeshops won’t let you through to the smoking area unless you’ve bought a drink first, for us though we always get a seat when we go there and we don’t have to order anything first, they also come to our table to take orders from us which they don’t do for normal customers. Pay the extra, it will be worth it from the service alone. The staff will also become more friendly towards you and offer you tips and advice, both for your trip and when it comes to smoking. They can recommend anything from which strain of cannabis to buy depending on your needs through to tips on which places to visit (and more importantly where to go to get the cheapest tickets).

    We would highly recommend taking a trip to a place called Leidseplein. This part of the city is the posh area so be careful where you chose to eat as it can be a bit pricey, but you don’t have to go to the expensive restaurants. In this part you will find several good coffeeshops, loads of bars and restaurants, the main casino, the IAMSTERDAM sign, Van Gough Museum, and many other exciting things to visit. The architecture here is amazing and the buildings look even more wonderful whilst suffering from the side effects of your coffeeshop treats. There is even a coffeeshop which used to be a Police Station, owned by The Bulldog company it is a fantastic coffeeshop to visit. You buy your cannabis from the old Custody Sergeant’s desk and you sit in cells to roll-up and smoke your cannabis. What better way to celebrate saying up yours to the judicial system against the legalisation of cannabis.

    The Red Light District is a must visit whilst you’re in this city. The area is one of the most surreal environments you will ever visit and this is only heightened when you’re stoned. There are girls here of all sizes, shapes, colours, ages, styles, etc. The environment is very lively and is busy from the afternoon through till the early hours of the morning. You have The Original Bulldog Coffeeshop right in the heart of it and there is also an arcade amusement here too (so you can play your racing, shooting and many other computer games here). The arcade holds some classic original arcade machines and is a right laugh when you’re stoned. It’s also cheaper than most city ones so you don’t get ripped off.

    Like any city, Amsterdam does obviously have a certain element of criminality present. You need to be careful of pickpockets as they do operate here, but you get them in any city you go to and we haven’t been targeted here (yet). Just keep your whits about you and  keep your stuff secure and you won’t have a problem. The crime rate has significantly reduced over the years and the Police have really worked hard to bring this city around. When we visited Amsterdam 15 years ago you couldn’t go 2 metres in the Red Light District without having someone offer you drugs, however on our last few trips we haven’t had anyone offer us drugs at all (illegal ones on the street). This is a nice improvement and makes the place so much nicer to walk around. It did get annoying having someone say every 30 seconds “pssst, hey Mr, you want some crack, Charlie, cocaine, ecstasy?” You never got what they said they were selling you and to be honest you’d be lucky to get anything other than baking powder mixed with nuclear waste. It really has been turned around this city, and to think that this crime reduction process started with the legalisation of cannabis – it really does genuinely reduce crime!

    Our favourite coffeeshops to both buy weed from and sit and smoke in near to the Damrak stretch are Prix D’ami, The Bulldog and Abraxas. Each has their own particular characteristics and to us they are by far our favourites. Prix D’ami is the largest coffeeshop in Amsterdam, it is reasonably priced and if you can get a seat then the top level has lounge back sofas with loads of cushions, so you really can sit back and chill. It also has 3D screens so you can get high then relax with some 3D films. This coffeeshop is one of the closest to the train station and is our first point of call before we do anything else when we visit this city, straight off the train and into Prix D’ami for a smoke, it also opens really early so no matter what time your plane lands you can smoke straight away. The Bulldog is one of the original coffeeshops in Amsterdam, its reasonably priced and the atmosphere is like no other. You can tell that you’re in the original coffeeshop of Dam and being smack in the centre of the Red Light District and you can sit back and smoke whilst watching everything going on in this area, if you get the right seat you can also look at some of the windows within this area, it really is a surreal experience. Just be careful of the stairs down to the basement – which are more like a ladder! Abraxas was the first coffeeshop that I smoked in, and always will have some sentimental value to me. It’s a small coffeeshop with 2 floors (plus toilets in the basement). We recommend taking your ID with you to this one as you can use it as a deposit to play chess, sounds boring but there is something about playing chess whilst stoned in a coffeeshop in Dam. Don’t believe us? Well give it a try.

    The final thing to bear in mind whilst out here is that people take smoking weed out here very seriously, and as such you need to respect their way of doing things. Sounds strange but if you just go into a bar and ask for the strongest stuff you could end up offending them. They take great pride in the quality of cannabis that they produce and sell, and they treat it like fine wine. You have particular strains for different reasons; medical, drowsy, energetic, etc. They all have different effects, flavours and highs. If you want to really get on well then either spend some time looking at the menu or speak to the dealer for some advice. Generally speaking Indica is the one you want to smoke to chill and relax, a good one for the evening before bed if you want to ‘mong out’. Sativa is the one you want to smoke if you want an energetic or ‘giggly’ high, this is the best one for the daytime. You also get high-brid’s which are somewhere in the middle, they are essentially strains which have been cross-pollenated so each one has differing effects and potencies – again just ask for some advice.


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  3. Past events of 2017

    We at 3toke like to attend as many events as possible so that we can get the word out about Cannabis and many purposes for it. So last year we attended events like 420 Hyde Park and cannabis Brighton Club awareness meeting Preston Park Basingstoke canna collab barbecue fire and jerk East Brighton Park. This year will be attending a lot more and can't wait to meet lots of honest people talking about cannabis and handing out lots of useful information whilst displaying all our products in our portable smoke shop selling things like seeds bongs pipes Rizlas allsorts looking forward to meeting all you lot out there during the summer months when 3toke will be on the road thanks to everyone who we met last year in 2017 may 2018 be the year of growth for 3toke.

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  4. Space Cake recipes


    Preheat oven to 190 degrees Celsius Grind cannabis bud as finely as possible Microwave butter for 20 seconds - enough to make it soft but not melted Mix ground cannabis with butter Cut chocolate into small chunks Mix all ingredients together (except items for decoration) Grease cake tin or line it with grease-proof paper Pour cake mix into tin Stick tin in oven on middle shelf for 25 mins - check after this time and if not cooked keep in oven for further 5 mins Allow cake to cool for 20 mins then remove from tin, decorate and serve


    8gms cannabis bud (skunk)                 1 3/4 cups flour

    1 cup unsalted butter                           1 cup caster sugar

    1/2 cup cocoa powder                          3/4 cup milk

    2 eggs                                                  1 3/4 tsp baking powder

    1/2 tsp salt                                           100gms dark chocolate 

    Anything you want to put on the top for decoration.

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  5. How To Book A Smoking Trip To Amsterdam

    How To Book A Smoking Trip To Amsterdam

    So, you want to go to Amsterdam for a smoking holiday. What better place in the world to visit for the best smoke of your life? In a new city full of adventure! The big question is… what’s the best way to do it? Well we’ve got you covered here. We’ve lived in Amsterdam and been there countless times so know the cheapest and best ways to book for this amazing city.

    For us, we always book our flights and accommodation separately, we have found this to be the cheapest method, it also offers the best level of flexibility. You can also narrow your search more as to exactly when you want to go and which exact area do you want to stay in.

    Amsterdam is only a short flight away from the UK. You can also go by boat straight there, or go by ferry in your car to France/Belgium and then drive the rest. You can also go by train via Brussels if you like (soon there will be a direct train from London to Amsterdam Centraal Station which will make it even quicker). We have found that flying is the cheapest, quickest and easiest option. The flight is only 45 mins long from where we are so we book with a cheap airline and fly over from our nearest airport (costs about £20-£30 each way). Once we arrive at Schipol Airport we ignore the taxis and head straight to the train station, you can by a single ticket to Centraal Station for about 5 Euros which will take less than 20 minutes to get there (a taxi will cost you about 60 Euros and take about half an hour to an hour, depending on traffic). The train is really simple to use and they have guidance in English, the correct platform is also very well sign posted so it’s difficult to get this wrong.

    We always aim to find accommodation around the area surrounding Damrak. Damrak is the main road which takes you from Centraal Station right into Dam Square – the centre and main part of Amsterdam. We like this bit as you can get to anywhere you want from here both easily and quickly, as both the main train station and Dam Square are on your doorstep – so you can access trains, trams, bikes, rickshaws and taxis quickly and easily. Most of the city centre is walkable from here as well, so if you’ve got the energy to walk then you can.

    A word of warning… Amsterdam has some wonderful hotels but most are quite expensive. Your budget will depend on where you can stay but from experience it is worth spending extra on your accommodation. What is a 2 star over there would barely make a 1 star in England, so do your research before you book. You do however spend very little time in your hotel room so if you can’t afford a good hotel then don’t panic, the city is lively almost 24/7 so you won’t have a problem finding somewhere to go and keep you entertained at any time of the day. Our personal preference is 3 stars upwards, but again it comes down to your budget.

    Smoking in hotels was very open and common until a couple of years ago. These days it is difficult to find a hotel where you are allowed to smoke in your bedroom, or at least one where it is tolerated. Some hotels have smoking areas and most of these allow you to smoke cannabis within them, if they are indoors then most will only allow non-tobacco smoking so you’re covered here.

    So long as you do your research first you will be fine with accommodation. You can always give them a call or send them an email if you want to ask them something.

    If you’re really struggling with booking your ‘Dam trip’ then send us a message, we’re always happy to help people book their trips and discover this wonderful city – and unlike some other sites we don’t charge to give you advice on this! We will be writing a blog next week on tips for the city so stay tuned to find out more.

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  6. Wax, is it good and does it increase options for vaping?

    Wax, is it good and does it increase options for vaping?

    Cannabis wax is a fairly new concept to the market, although it has been around for several years it has only recently seen more common use over the last year within the UK. Quite why this is I’m not sure but cannabis trends have changed quite a bit over the years. When I was a teenager the common cannabis used by us was solid (or resin), this was in the hard brown solid substance that resembled hard poo. I think this was mainly used by us as we were teenagers and couldn’t afford to buy skunk, then as we got older and started earning more money we moved over to skunk because we had the money to do so. These days you hardly ever see solid within the UK, it’s still around but isn’t as freely available as it used to be – probably because more people use skunk these days.

    Moving on… so is the ever developing trend of cannabis wax going to take off? In our opinion YES it will. Cannabis wax is essentially a concentrated cannabis, it is much more potent than your hash and herb versions so requires much less of it to give you the same effect. It is however more expensive because of this, but (as the saying goes) you get what you pay for. Wax is less easy to use in joints, we have found the easiest way to use it in a joint is to heat a spoon, put the spoon on the wax then wipe the wax onto the smoking/rolling paper. You can then either make a tobacco cigarette or joint with it, depending on what you’re after (or how off your face you want to get). The best way to use it though is via what’s commonly known as ‘dabbing’. This is a fairly new trend and the best way to understand this is to google it and look at videos. This process does however require equipment to use so you will either need to buy a new bong or vaporiser or get a different head/attachment for your current bong. You will notice the difference with dabbing as it feels like a cleaner process with a much more intense and smooth smoke/hit.

    So can wax (or other forms of cannabis concentrate) be used for vaping? The answer is yes it can. There are 2 main ways of doing so, either by placing the wax onto an accessory for your dry heat vaporiser or by using with e-liquid. The process for dry heat vaping (such as the Storz & Bikel Might or Volcano) does work however our preference for these devices is dry herb, this is because these machines were specifically designed for dry herb and as such work much better with herbs as opposed to wax, the inhaling vapour is also a lot smoother with the herbs but this is because of how they have been designed – use a product for what it’s designed for and it will give you the best results. Now on a previous post I wrote about how putting dry herb into an e-liquid form is not anywhere near as good as dry herb vaping (and I haven’t changed my opinion on this), however using wax within e-liquid is far different. Wax with e-liquid works much better as there is no requirement for filtration and the entire process is done within a minute (from having the wax on it’s own to putting the new e-liquid formula into the cartridge), the whole process is also a lot quicker and easier and you don’t need to have a whole array of laboratory equipment. Vaping with wax e-liquid is also a lot more discrete than dry herb vaping (which was already very discrete) so it also has this edge. In our opinion it’s not as good as dry herb vaping however it is much cheaper in the long run and you don’t need expensive equipment to do it properly. Furthermore by using wax in e-liquid you also reduce your spend on cannabis as there is much less waste and your money goes a lot further as the effects of the concentrate are increased.

    If this process interests you then keep an eye on our webpage as we will be rolling out a new product to turn cannabis concentrates into e-liquid, we will be selling the full kit and providing video instructions – so you can see just how easy it is to do before you decide whether or not to buy. We will also be offering a VERY good promotion on this product so keep your eyes peeled as it will be worth the wait (not to mention the health benefits as well as reducing your smoking related costs!). 

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  7. Cannabis and sex, do they go together?

    Cannabis and sex, do they go together?

    Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll… a common phrase used back in the sixties and seventies. The drugs commonly associated with this saying were mainly class A drugs, or in normal terms, white coloured drugs such as; ecstasy, acid, cocaine, etc. Cannabis was rarely thought of with this saying but, with cannabis use becoming much more popular and accepted these days, we thought that now would be a good time to explore this subject.

    Cannabis and sex both have one major thing in common when it comes to effects on the body; they both make the body release a hormone called endorphins. Endorphins are effectively the chemical within the body which gives you the ‘happy’ feeling. Low levels of endorphins are released throughout love making with a large dose being released after an orgasm has been achieved or climax has been reached. With cannabis, these hormones start to be released once the intoxication starts to take effect.  The levels of endorphins are much higher throughout your ‘high’ rather than simply at the end of a pleasurable experience.

    With this in mind, from a scientific point of view, the two go hand in hand as they have the same chemical reaction within the brain. The question is: do they work in practice? Let’s explore…

    Cannabis has two very different strains which have very different effects on the body and brain functions; Sativa and Indica. Sativa gives you a much higher feeling, it’s more of a light buzz and is often associated with the giggling or laughing fits that you see some stoners achieving either during or after smoking. Indica, on the other hand, has a much heavier feeling which makes you feel more lazy and relaxed, commonly known these days as monging. Having had sex whilst stoned on both strains I have had the privilege of experiencing the two and there is a significant difference between them. I’ve spoken to several of my friends, both male and female, and they too have given me the same feedback that I’ve experienced.

    Sex whilst stoned on the Sativa strain is a euphoric experience, the senses are heightened and as such orgasms are more easily achieved and are much deeper. After climax/orgasm you are left feeling satisfied and full of happiness and energy. It is an amazing experience for both sexes and offers a more deep and meaningful feeling towards the other person as you feel much more connected to each other.

    Sex whilst stoned on the Indica strain is completely different; as this strain gives you a heavy buzz, any form of exercise requires much more effort. It requires men to put in a lot more effort than normal during sex for the woman to achieve an orgasm, however, the senses are still heightened so often the two compensate for each other. After orgasm/climax you get a much more relaxed feeling, which makes going to sleep afterwards much easier. You also seem to have a much deeper sleep, I wouldn’t recommend this one if you need to get up early in the morning though!

    Whilst both strains offer different benefits to sex they both have the same effect when it comes to duration for men. All the males that I have spoken to say that they are able to have sex for much longer before climaxing, so if you suffer from premature ejaculation (or you don’t have sex very often) it will help with increasing performance. For most women, cannabis aids with sex drive and increases libido, so commencing sex for most stoned women is a much easier process as arousal is much more easily achieved.

    In summary, cannabis does aid with the enjoyment of sex. It offers deeper and more meaningful intercourse with the added benefit of aiding performance, both in terms of heightened feelings and duration. For me I feel that sex whilst smoking the Sativa strain is much better as the feelings afterwards are that of intimacy and pleasure. I also find that it is much easier to have sex whilst under the effects of this strain. The friends who provided feedback on this subject came to the same conclusion as me except for one, who was female. Her preference is Indica, her reasoning for this was that she could fall asleep much easier after sex. This meant that she didn’t have to put up with her boyfriend snoring after intercourse whilst she laid there wide awake!

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  8. Is vaping cannabis viable?

    Is vaping cannabis viable?


    There are currently loads of different ways to use cannabis these days; smoking a joint, pipe, bong, blunt, with tobacco, without tobacco, dry vaping, e-liquid vaping, oils rigs, dabbing, cooking it in food, drinks, etc. The list is endless. You have your methods which have been around for hundreds of years (smoking for example) but a lot of these methods have only just started becoming popular and vaping is one of them. So the question… is vaping cannabis viable?

    There are currently 2 main methods for vaping cannabis; dry herb vaping, or, e-liquid vaping. I have personally done both and the results are massively different:

    E-liquid – this method uses a popular smoking cessation method and turns it into a way to get high or use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Whilst I enjoy getting high I personally have a medical condition which is massively improved by the use of cannabis so I have the ability to judge this method on both characteristics. My personal experience is that this method works brilliantly for medicinal purposes but not so well for getting high. This method is also incredibly costly and is a very long process to set up – to put this in context I used 7gs of herbal cannabis (about £70 worth round my way) and it produced about 6ml of e-liquid, the whole process took about 5 to 6 hours to complete. When using it I have not managed to get high from it, I did have a slight buzz but it was so weak that it was not worth mentioning – although a close friend of mine who has a very low tolerance level (one bong hit puts him borderline on a whitey) did get high from this method. I did however feel the benefits of pain relief. This method was also considerably more subtle as the e-liquid was masked with a flavour and even without the flavouring it had a much weaker smell.

    Dry herb – for this process I used the ‘Mighty’ vaporiser from ‘Storz & Bickel’, currently the 2nd best dry herb vaporiser in our opinion – only 2nd to the ‘Volcano’ which is actually used and prescribed by doctors for medicinal cannabis use worldwide. For this process I used exactly the same herb that I used for the e-liquid – it literally came from the same bag from the same crop from the same plant. The results were astonishingly different. I used approximately 0.3-0.4gs for this test and made sure that I used it all (for the purposes of a scientific study of course). This small amount actually got me incredibly high, it was less than what I would use in a normal joint yet was far more potent. The reason behind this is that there is less waste with this method as when you’re not inhaling the cannabis doesn’t get wasted by smoking. The odour from this method is also considerably less potent and is far better if you want to stay discrete about your habit. I also felt the full benefit of the medicinal side of things with this method.

    Overall I would highly recommend using a dry herb vaporiser to use cannabis (in a country/state where it’s use is legal of course). I would not however recommend using the e-liquid method. The dry herb process makes using cannabis a lot cheaper and there is far less waste (almost none at all), it is a far more subtle method and is also a lot healthier than smoking as it only uses hot air.

    There are a whole range of products available to vaporise dry herbs, all of which have a significant range in cost. By far the best ones out there (in our humble opinion) are those from Storz & Bickel, they’re made in Germany and are of a VERY high manufacturing standard. They are used by scientists studying cannabis worldwide and also prescribed and used by doctors for medicinal cannabis use. They are however also the most expensive on the market, but you do get what you pay for and they are well and truly worth the extra money. I have tried cheaper vaping products for this process and they do work, they just don’t work quite as well. It comes down to how much you use cannabis and whether or not the cost is affordable to you. As the Storz & Bickel range require less cannabis to use than a lot of the others and they have much less wastage to us they are the best value for money, they also have better features so you can have it set up to your preferences. If you can’t afford the Storz & Bickel range then don’t be disheartened as there are some other good ones out there, but I would highly recommend doing your own research before buying as everyone has their own budget and individual preferences.

    We are starting to bring out a range of vaping products, so keep an eye on the website to see the excellent prices due to come soon!



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  9. Is cannabis a gateway drug?

    Is cannabis a gateway drug?

    One of the biggest arguments for not legalising cannabis is that it is a gateway leading to other and harder drugs. The research of numerous studies on harder drug users (such as cocaine, heroin, crack, ecstasy, etc.) have shown that almost all hard drug users started off using cannabis. Whilst these facts are true, it does not paint an accurate nor correct picture in terms of presenting this argument for keeping cannabis illegal.

    The only link that cannabis has to harder drugs theory is due to the fact that it provides you with links to the criminal world - specifically the illegal drugs industry. Cannabis provides this link for the simple reason that it is illegal, users therefore have to enter the underground / criminal environment in order to purchase cannabis. Once you obtain contacts from the criminal underworld then it’s easy to obtain further contacts for different things; such as finding suppliers to other harder drugs, buying stolen goods, etc. If cannabis was legalised then this link to the criminal world would no longer exist, and therefore cannabis could not be associated as a gateway drug. The same principle would apply if alcohol or tobacco were illegal, their associated users would also be able to obtain links to harder drugs, or other forms of criminality.

    The next argument in this theory is that if people are willing to try cannabis then they are more willing to try other and harder drugs. Saying that just because someone uses cannabis means that they are more likely to try harder drugs is like saying that someone who drinks alcohol is more likely to try tobacco. I have loads of friends who use cannabis and have never tried harder drugs, and none of us like the idea of harder drugs being associated with cannabis as it is simply unfounded and not accurate at all. I bet if you asked any hard drug user if they tried alcohol before trying drugs their response would be yes (with the odd and rare exception) – could we therefore argue that alcohol is a gateway drug? The answer is an obvious no and most of the population would say that is a stupid argument, so why is it an acceptable argument to use against cannabis?

    I can’t understand the Government’s argument on this one at all, it’s plain and simple really and is basic common sense. Perhaps this is the problem though, basic common sense doesn’t seem to apply in Government at all. If Government wish to keep cannabis illegal then I have no problem with this provided their arguments are well evidenced and factually correct, unlike the current arguments which they have supporting their costly, detrimental and unnecessary cause!

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  10. Cannabis & Mental Health

    Cannabis & Mental Health

    We go to events all over the UK and often get asked for advice about cannabis. At one particular event in the summer we were approached by a man suffering from anxiety and depression problems who had come to the event purely to learn more about cannabis – in particular he wanted to see if it would help fight his illness. He was told by others that cannabis would be good for him so should just try some and get onto it. I find it really worrying that unqualified people actually give out advice like this thinking that it will help! These are diagnosed medical conditions which can be made worse by depressants, such as cannabis and alcohol, and therefore a whole variety of matters need to be considered before taking any substance.

    Cannabis is used for medicinal purposes worldwide and is indeed used to treat anxiety and depression, as well as many other mental health problems. However cannabis comes in many strains/types and each of these have their own levels and balances of chemicals within them – each giving their own benefits and negatives towards certain medical conditions.

    My advice to this gentleman was to find someone who is qualified and experienced in medicinal cannabis, and even better someone who is an expert in the field of using cannabis to combat mental health problems. The only way to do this safely is to pay to speak to someone in one of these positions who can offer you this advice in a protected manner, but if you didn’t want to pay for this advice then most of these individuals have written reports/papers on their medical studies which are widely available for free on the internet, you just have to look for them. Find the ones which are relevant to your own medical condition and look at the strains and types available for treating your condition (including the balance of THC and CBD – to ensure accuracy). Once you have found the type which should work for you then you need to find a way of obtaining that particular strain, whether you buy the seeds and grow it yourself or buy it already grown and prepared for use from an authorised distributor or licensed premises (such as a dispensary in California or a coffeeshop in Amsterdam). I must stress how important it is not to buy it from a street dealer if you are looking for medicinal cannabis to treat a particular problem – most street dealers tell their customers that they have a particular strain to make it sound better so that they will sell more, it is very rarely what they tell you it is. Once you have your cannabis and you’re certain that you’ve got the right one for you and your condition then you can try it, just take a small amount to start off with and see if it helps – just make sure that you are in a safe environment with people that you trust and that you stop straight away if it makes you feel worse.

    If you’re not happy with the feeling of the buzz (or you think that you’ve had too much) then have a drink of orange juice, don’t ask us why but it does work. It’s a trick that we were taught whilst we were staying in Amsterdam, the same trick is also used by those who aren’t enjoying their trip on magic mushrooms as it ends the trip almost immediately (give or take). 

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